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Spill Containment Products

There are a growing number of strict environmental regulations and Codes of Practice covering the storage of industrial fluids such as oils, solvents and chemicals. Mandatory legislation comes with heavy penalties for any company found to be non-compliant. Our spill containment products are designed with EC and UK regulations in mind so we can advise on the most suitable products for a fully compliant solution.

Spill Trays - Spill Pallets - Drip Trays - Bunded Flooring - IBC Spill Pallets - Drum Spill Pallets

Spill Tray

Spill Trays

Our large spill & drip tray range is the ideal solution for catching spills in the work area and handling small drums and cans.

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Bunded Flooring

Bunded Flooring

Our bunded flooring range is the flexible decking solution for creating liquid handling workstations and storage areas to fit your working environment. Each individual unit is compliant with current oil storage regulatory requirements.

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Drum Spill Bund

Drum Spill Pallets

Our Drum Spill Pallet range is designed for the safe and compliant storage of 205 litre drums

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Bunded Trolley

Bunded Trolleys

The Poly trolleys and bunded trolleys are a safe and robust solution for moving a variety of containers and hazardous items such as batteries.

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Pallet Convertor

Pallet Convertor

Turn a standard pallet into a bunded pallet!!

Place the Palcon pallet convertor over an existing pallet and its ready to use.

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IBC Spill Container

IBC Spill Containment

Our extensive IBC Spill Containment range is specifically designed to meet the growing IBC end user market. Made from 100% corrosion free polyethylene these sturdy units are EC and UK compliant.

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